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5 Centimeters Per Second >

This is an incredible movie starting with the beautiful animation and sweetly realistic lighting effects of the background and its characters. This movie is divided into three episodes; Okasho, Cosmonaut, and Byosoku 5...(more)

Air TV >

As indicated by the title, air, skies and wings are important themes: Yukito is searching for the "girl in the sky", and Misuzu believes her other self is flying in the sky above her. Other characters show a similar relationship to the sky...(more)

Ah! My Goddess >

It is the dream of every boy to have a beautiful goddess fullfill their dreams and fantasies...whatever they are. This either relatively or literally speaking. In Keiichi's case, its literal. Keiichi Morisato is a student of Nekomi Tech whose entire life revolved around this one girl he liked. He would keep confessing his love for her, but she keeps rejecting him as well. Not a very fun life, but things were about to change. One day while trying to make a call to his "senpais," he accidentally dialed ...(more)

Asura Cryin' >

Asura Cryin' is the anime adaptation of its original light novel version. This not so serious high school action anime centers around the adventures of a boy named Tomoharu Natsume. His problem, however, is that he often times has a ghostly visitor who was once his childhood friend. Check it out for yourself and you decide. Enjoy!

Chobits >

On his way home one evening, he stumbles across a persocom in the form of a beautiful girl with long hair, the colour of ivory lying against a pile of trash bags. He first thinks this to be a murder but, realizing she is a persocom, he carries her home. Upon turning it on, she instantly regards Hideki with adoration. The only word the persocom seems capable of saying is "chi", thus he names her Chi...(more)

Clannad >

Everyone who'd been to a high school or is in one knows that one of the worst things about it are the exams. Everything else is awesome, even though there are some other kids who doesn't seem to socialize as much as everyone else does...(more)

Da Capo II >

The protagonist, Yoshiyuki Sakurai, was born when Sakura Yoshino, weary of being alone for so long, wished upon a prototype artificial wish-granting magical sakura tree for a family. Years later, though, the tree starts malfunctioning, granting all wishes, regardless of how impure. Sakura and Otome Asakura at first try to handle all the problems caused by it, but the situation gradually worsens and they have...(more)

Dears >

One year prior to the beginning of the story, mankind made its first contact with an alien species, when a malfunctioning alien spacecraft made an impromptu crash-landing in Tokyo Bay. The aliens on board the UFO are human-like and remarkably beautiful, and are soon affectionately nicknamed "DearS" by their human hosts, which means "Dear friends from outer space"; as extraordinarily...(more)

DN Angel >

Daisuke Niwa is a 14 year-old-boy who has a special genetic ability: Whenever he sees or thinks about his crush, Risa Harada, he turns into the infamous phantom thief Dark. During the start of the anime, Daisuke carries a picture of Risa Harada in his back pocket for such occasion. This will continue until his love is returned. Satoshi Hiwatari is a student at the same school as Daisuke and the Harada twins and also the Commander of the police force, heading the investigation on Dark...(more)

Elfen Lied >

The story starts off as you meet Lucy, a misleadingly attractive humanoid under the careful observation of a research lab. One day she breaks lose from her containment cell and butchers nearly everyone who got in her way...(more)

Fate Stay Knight >

Shirou Emiya lost his parents in a fire when he was young and was later adopted by a sorceror by the name of Kiritsugu Emiya. Although he was full of admiration for his adopted father and yearns to become an ally of justice...(more)

Fruit Basket >

Fruits Basket follows the life of high-school student Tohru Honda, who was recently orphaned when her mother, Kyoko Honda, died in a car accident. After that, Tohru lived with her grandfather, but when his house needs remodeling, Tohru resorts to living in a tent in a forest and holds down a job to support herself. Despite suffering many hardships, Tohru remains optimistic. One day, Tohru...(more)

Genshiken >

Genshiken is an anime about anime fans aka the Otaku world. Sasahara Kanji had always hidden his love for anime, Manga and Video Games ever since his early academic years. Now he is in college and his amazing love for anime stayed hidden up to the day he visits Genshiken, which is short for "Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuu Kai" (Contemporary Visual Culture Research Organization). He meets very interesting people. One of them is Kohsaka, who is a deep Otaku in spite of his handsome looks, and other members of Genshiken, by going to doujin (private publishing) shops and anime...(more)

Grave of Fireflies - Movie

Nominated as one of the top animated movies of all time, Grave of Fireflies tells a story of Japan towards the end of World War II. If you are looking for a slash and dash and severe a certain limb off and scream out the top of your lung kind of fun, then you are looking at the wrong movie. Grave of Fireflies dig much deeper than that...(more)

Hyakko >

Hyakko is like a high school drama with a little bit of mystery in it. The story is about a new student named Ayumi Nonomura. After one of her classes she had to go back and get some of the stuff she left behind in the classroom so...(more)

Karin >

The story revolves around the main character, Karin, the middle child in a family of vampires who immigrated to Japan two centuries earlier. However, Karin is different from the rest of the family in that she produces blood instead of feeding on it; because of this, she has to inject blood by biting someone or else she suffers exaggerated nosebleeds. Because of her unusual condition, Karin lives her life just as an ordinary teenage girl would, despite being considered something of a freak by...(more)

Perfect Blue >

This Anime movie is like a messed up version of Hannah Montana. The story is about a J-Pop idol name Kirigoe Mami, who is a member of a singing group named "Cham." They were very popular and successful in this field of the...(more)

Vampire Knight >

Yuki's earliest memory is of a snowy night in winter, when she was attacked by one vampire and was saved by another, Kaname Kuran. Ten years later, Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy...(more)

School Rumble >

The plot of School Rumble covers the daily lives of students of the fictional Yagami High School and their surroundings. The series is of the romance comedy genre, with scenes in the story being exaggerated for comedic purposes. The female protagonist is Tenma Tsukamoto, a second year high school girl with no special qualities who has a crush on Oji Karasuma, a stonefaced eccentric. The generally clueless Tenma finds it difficult to confess her love to him. Complications arise with Kenji Harima...(more)

Skip Beat >

Skip Beat! is an anime about a girl named Kyoko Magami with a very "unique" personality. You'll know what I mean when you start watching the episodes. She basically works her ass off night and day having no time for herself in order to be able to pay for rent at such a prestigious place only for his childhood sweet...(more)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya >

This anime is about the story of a girl who, despite her not knowing this, has the unique ability to change reality. Her name is Haruhi Suzumiya, a young and attractive girl studying during her high school years...(more)

Whisper of the Heart - Movie

Shizuku Tsukishima, a 14 year old high school girl notices "Seiji Amasawa" on all the check cards one evening in a library. The following day Shizuku meets up with her friend Yūko Harada. In the library she sees the same name again and asks the teacher. The teacher tells her to ask the older ones... (more)

XxxHolic >

Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student plagued by yōkai, spirits with a strong attraction to him. The spirits are invisible to others and encounters with them are extremely troublesome. When he stumbles into a shop that grants wishes, however, events in his life promise to become more unusual. The shop is owned by Yūko Ichihara....(more)

Yosuga no Sora >

Kasugano Haruka and his sister Sora were living a life of a dream. However, all of it changed when one fateful day, their parents died in an accident. They lost everything - they lost their parents, and their way of living. As a result, they had to go to their grandfather's summer vacation spot. At first, it seems like a new paradise for both of them, but they eventually realized things can never be the same once Haruka starts to remember memories from his youth.


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